Different referencing types in Swift

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Referencing in Swift

An overview of getting started with Clean Architecture

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  1. Why VIP?
  2. VIP: View Controller, Interactor, Presenter
  3. VIP Cycle and Data flow
  4. Implementing VIP in iOS

Why VIP?

What is lazy? When to use it? Is it safe?

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  1. Instantiate a code entity — class, struct, etc. without giving initial values to some or all of its members at the time of instantiation.
  2. Suspend any task until needed.
  3. Store the computed values and prevent re-computations.

Declaring lazy

Understanding the Final keyword and decoding the mystery.

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Implications of using final

  1. It prevents overriding and inheritance.
  2. It increases the runtime performance of the code.

Prevent Inheritance and Overriding

A way to handle the restrictions on your code.

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